Friday, September 5, 2008

Three Things

After a recent trip, a friend sent me text message fodder requesting an activity status update.  I responded to her that I was collecting my thoughts on a recent business travel.  Indicating an interest, she asked me to tell her three things in various contexts - 

Three Things I learned about myself - 
  • I have a tremendous amount of opportunity.  Over a century ago, various collections of immigrants left Scandinavia for the US in pursuit of an obscure concept known as the American dream.  I represent the tireless fruits of their labors, having potential to bring their efforts into fruition on an exponential scale.
  • Possessing various genetic characteristics and learned qualities, I am extremely effective in my endeavors.  While I have not fully realized it in most regards, my leadership potential is vast.
  • I carry an ambitious appreciation for the dignity of labor.  Observing the value and improvement I effect on a situation through work serves as an unyielding motivational force.  I intend to harness this motivation and use it to serve me.
Three things I learned about humanity -
  • As Americans, we have an unhealthy appetite for inventory.  Too often, we allocate our self and energy to a tangible possession.  These possessions build up and begin to consume our effectiveness.  Our portfolios of accumulation yield graveyards of squander.
  • Our world develops on an exponential scale.  We search for comfort and stability, only to cling to an unfound value system.  It is limiting to shield one's self from emerging developments in favor of a proven status quo.
  • One of the strongest detractors (or boosters) of productivity is pride.  Capitalism brings with it an economic hierarchy through which there are inevitably under and over castes.  Adhering to this system by basing one's character and sense of self worth on income yields countless downfalls.  Pride for the fruits of one's labor must come from within, rather than external, material rewards.

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