Friday, September 5, 2008

Carpet Bombing a Letter to Newspapers

Through one of the various political mailing lists I am on, I received a letter-to-editor writing kit.  This particular kit was urging the willing to write regarding some of Republican VP Candidate Sarah Palin's extremist positions.

I wrote the following letter and sent it to 12 newspapers....

To: Various Editors
Subject: Beyond Palin's Surface

Sarah Palin in not a candidate to be taken at face value.

She holds extremist positions which do not coincide with the manner in which the McCain Campaign is attempting to market her to the public. For example, she believes the Iraq War carries a holy component as "God's task". Also, she has close ties to Big Oil companies, going so far as to have her inauguration sponsored by BP. Finally, several of her views on educational content are archaic and narrow-minded, specifically relating to sexuality and scientific origin.

Please do not allow the McCain Campaign's marketing of Palin's substanceless characteristics such as gender, socioeconomic origin, or family orientation to purchase your vote. Force candidates to earn your vote through more than mindless demographic affinity.

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