Friday, September 12, 2008

9/11 - Seven Years and 1 Day After

Everyday, I attempt to absorb as much of the internet as I can.

There is no more effective tool towards understanding the world around you than the world wide web.   I have regular routine of broadcasts, news aggregators, industry dashboards, and message boards which allow me to keep my finger on the pulse of humanity.

Yesterday, I noticed a 9/11 reference just about everywhere I looked.  I began to question how far we have come since 9/11.  How we as a country have handled the conflict, and asked myself if we are a stronger nation for it.

Despite my optimistic demeanor, yesterday I only felt a weakening pulse. The objective pragmatist in me came to the conclusion that barring any drastic correction in our course as a nation, 9/11 will prove to be the event that leads to the Great American Demise.  If you offer me just about any major problem with the state of our being today, I can formulate and argument attributing it to 9/11.  
  • Sub-prime Housing Crisis - After 9/11, the economy needed a kick start to reestablish confidence.  The Fed lowered rates to unprecedented levels, spurring massive buying sprees financed by debt.  Sure we experienced a short lived economic boon, but now we are paying the price and there is no end in sight.
  • War in (insert Middle Eastern country of choice) - I doubt there has ever been more unabashed hate in the US than there was on 9/12.  Who can blame us?  We wanted justice.  However, our failure to capture the figurehead of 9/11 responsibility (Osama bin Laden), has allowed that desire for justice to fester into a blood lust.  Now we stand as fallen global leader, consumed by our own hate.
  • Deterioration of the Airline Industry - Nearly every American relies on the air transportation infrastructure in their life routine.  There is no place that I feel more pain attributable to 9/11 than when I fly commercially.  Our fear has caused us to take ridiculous measures and expend preposterous resources to instill a (false) sense of security during our perceived vulnerability.
The list goes on.  As much as I want to root for us to pull through the 9/11 attacks, I really do not believe we will.  Sure it is a possibility.  However, the analyst and futurist in me simply does not see the American people ever overcoming this obstacle.  We are too bitter, too materialistic, too self righteous, too vengeful, too fearful, and too small minded to survive a mere pin-prick to our ego.

Prove me wrong - vote for Obama.

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