Monday, September 29, 2008

New Business Idea

In light of our current economic discombobulation, I've begun to pursue scams and thievery to grab the scraps of the US economy.

Here is an email I've drafted - 



My name is Jacob Barstrand the first Son of Nigel Barstrand, former COMPTROLLER of the US TREASURY. As you are aware if you listen to news on CNN or BBC, my country is in great turmoil. My father has resigned and handed over office to Mr. Moses Silverton having been given an automaton by America to leave office.

We have been granted Asylum in Nigeria, but which the Nigeria's Emissary seem to be fighting against, and has created a lot of misunderstanding or civil disorder in Nigeria since the 11th of August 2003. Nigeria is in West Africa and across the Atlantic Ocean from The United States, therefore there is no guarantee for security, hence my father sending me to South Africa to safeguard my life and that of my family. I came into South Africa with some money, which I have successfully deposited in Security Company, which would need your help to take this money out of Africa.

If you are interested and ready to help me, I will gladly give you 15% of the total sum of (US$700B) Seven Hundred Billion United States Dollar Which is currently laying in the Security company here in Johannesburg, for you effort and 5% can be set aside for any expenditure that may be incurred by you for saving me from the predicament while the 80% is for investment in your country.

Kindly treat this matter with high confidentiality, as you know the current situation, which you can verify from CNN or BBC. I would like you to reply urgent as to enable me know where you stand as time is of essence.

Thank you and God bless.

Best Regards

Jacob Barstrand.

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