Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is it okay to be excited about the Broncos again?

I am a sports fan.  Furthermore, I am a local sports fan.  In most contexts, I believe a blind affinity for one's geographic location is destructive; however, in sports it is good fun.

Thus, I offer a brief commentary on my favorite sports teams - 

  • Denver Broncos - Like all battered Broncos fans, I came into this season with limited expectations.  However, after the game against the Raiders last Monday, I have high hopes for this season.
  • Colorado Rockies - I'm still buzzed about our World Series run last season.  This season had its ups and downs, and we most likely won't make the playoffs.  My fanship this season has been tested, and I foresee the C-Rox carrying a devoted follower for many years to come.
  • Colorado Buffalos - The Buffaloes look good this year.  They play with a lot of heart, which hasn't been seen in Boulder for quite some time.  With the possibility of big time upsets this year becoming a commonplace, I think the Buffs could finish in the Top 10.
  • Denver Nuggets - I feel that we are so close to greatness (or atleast a playoff series win).  If the NBA can weed out the corruption, I stand to becoming a stalwart Nooglies fan. 

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