Sunday, September 7, 2008

Three Things (continued)

Three Things that Make Me Smile
  • Learning about emerging technologies.  The incredible rate with which our society is able to technologically evolve is astounding.  I enjoy witnessing and participating in the collaborative effort to awesomify our lives.
  • Observing and playing in our political process.  Despite its countless inadequacies and downfalls, I don't think anyone would deny that it is fun and incredibly entertaining when our nation gets all riled up about coming elections.
  • The excitement of what's around the corner.  Just when I start to feel summer coming to a close, I realize that snowboarding season is about to begin.  Although, I can always find something to replace the words "summer" and "snowboarding" with...
Three Things that Make Me Cringe
  • Communicating with visibly miserable people.  If you respond to the basic "how're you?" with anything less than "good", our conversation is already off to a bad start.
  • Working with materialistic people.  If you live your life with a storage unit leased on indefinite terms, I question your effectiveness.
  • People who are non-communicative, especially in the context of electronic communication.  I'm sorry if you hate the basic technological mediums of conversation, they're here to stay and you need to adapt.

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