Friday, October 3, 2008

The Immediacy of Bad Decision

Have you ever made a decision, acted upon it, only to immediately realize it was a bad decision?

I've done this a few times.  Here are a couple examples of what I mean - 
  • I recently made the decision to purchase "Meet the Spartans" on demand.  As soon as it was too late to change my mind, I realized I would be wasting the next 90 minutes of life.
  • I went on a date with a girl I met online once.  She seemed eager to meet me, so I didn't vet her through rigorous IM conversations and text messages.  Immediately upon seeing her, I realized she had egregiously misrepresented herself.  I sought a dating exit strategy for the next hour.
I think our economy had one of those moments today.  Despite unprecedented public resistance, the Bush Administration and Congress passed a bailout measure that was supposed to save the day.  However, immediately after the applause ceased, the sell orders started pouring in on Wall Street.  On the Dow, a 250 point gain turned into a 160 point loss, after the bailout decision.

It is peculiar how once faced with the immediate reality of a decision, its true repercussions become infinitely clearer.  

Our economic situation is now as dire as ever.  As soon as Wall Street street was appeased, they were making more bailout demands.  The black hole of debt our society is built around was just fed $800 billion.

Perhaps the smartest thing I heard today is that the economy needs to bottom out, as fast as possible.

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