Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Entrepreneurial Objective

Boulder has a very strong tech entrepreneurial scene.  Through my connection into this tech savvy culture, I come across a myriad of neat new widgets, web applications, effectiveness tools, and such. 

This stream of information creates a stark contrast to another culture I am well connected in.  Having attended a southern liberal arts university, I have many future success-story friends who couldn't be less connected to the emerging web application scene.  These are lawyers, doctors, financiers, etc. who don't read any blogs, have one email account, are just getting used to texting, and are very reluctant to adopt new technologies.

I am realizing that as a young entrepreneur, a significant factor in determining my own success will be my ability to take the new technology from the tech-savvy crowd, and implement it for the success-story crowd.  

The vast majority of the concepts that I see are ways to make the tech-savvy guy "techier".  My objective is to create technology which makes the success-story guy more successful.

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